Andrew Hammond - Graduate Surveyor - Veris

Dear Francis,

After some excellent recent service and support received from your company, I wanted to write this letter to you. CR Kennedy not only sell the best quality Leica surveying equipment, but actually back that up with meaningful support and customer service. In my own, and my company's, dealings with CR Kennedy's support staff, we have received nothing but prompt, accurate and knowledgeable advice on how to do what we do - measure things accurately the first time without needing to go back to site again.

In particular, Dr Jane Cooke has been tremendous in her support, advice and training for me in learning how best to use Leica GPS Systems. Her patience in explaining quite lengthy procedures required for data reduction and analysis was repeatedly demonstrated. She is generous with both her time and her training resources, is readily contactable when I have questions (usually somewhere in a paddock a long way away from the office and a computer), and does not talk down to me in spite of my lack of knowledge in day-to-day GPS operations. She recently salvaged an entire day's worth of data for my company from a corrupted data card, within 10 minutes of asking, and without any hassles at all. Jane is a rare person who combines absolute technical mastery with a willingness to share her knowledge and provide meaningful service to customers.

We all have an idea of what bad customer service is like, as we complain knowingly to friends about the low levels of support we receive from some commercial products in our lives. CR Kennedy Australia, in particular Jane Cooke, is the opposite of this! Contactable, knowledgeable, with a total absence of any 'attitude', Jane and all the other support staff at CR Kennedy are wonderful people to have on your side. It would also be great to acknowledge the help I've received in the past from Chris Emmerick in NSW (one of the very best support staff I have received help from), Nathan Thompson, and also Matt Adlam (who still helps with my enquiries despite being in sales).

I wanted to once more express my gratitude for the support we surveyors receive, and in particular thank Jane Cooke for her continued generous assistance.

Your sincerely, 

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