C.R Kennedy Geospatial Solutions

C.R.Kennedy has had many pivotal points since it was founded in 1934 by Clement Robertson Kennedy


Company Founded

Clement Robertson Kennedy starts company, importing photographic and optical products


Appointed Pentax Distributor

Appointed as the first distributor in the world for Pentax and have continued this business to this day.


Appointed Distributor for Leica Geosystems

C.R. Kennedy’s appointed the sole and exclusive distribution in Australia for Swiss giant Leica Geosystems (now a Hexagon company).


Appointed Distributor for Riegl Laser Measurement Systems

C.R. Kennedy appointed the sole and exclusive distribution in Australia for Riegl Laser Measurement Systems.


Awarded Machine Control Contract for BGC ON FMG'S Pilbara Rail Line

C.R. Kennedy is awarded machine control contract for BGC on FMG’s Pilbara rail line, then the largest machine control site on Earth.


Founded SmartNet Aus

C.R. Kennedy in a joint venture with Leica Geosystems set up GNSS RTK Solutions business Smartnet Aus.


C.R. Kennedy Move Into New Head Office at 300 Lorimer Street Port Melbourne

C.R. Kennedy acquires our new Melbourne Head office located at 300 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne.