Streamlining the path to a digital future

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Streamlining the path to a digital future

BricsCAD provides powerful, accessible CAD tools for civil engineers, contractors, and surveyors. C.R. Kennedy’s Bernie Edmonds explains what makes the software such a valuable component of any construction professional’s path to digitalisation.

As technology continues to revolutionise the construction industry, the pressure on construction professionals to keep up with the latest trends builds every day. Whether through machine control technology, project management software, or large-scale digital twins, the transformative shift brought on by advancements in digitalisation is completely reshaping how the industry functions.

While daunting for many, this push towards technological revolution has the potential to optimise productivity and profitability, while simultaneously improving worker safety and reducing the environmental impact of projects.

For the less technologically minded, the upside to this new digital norm is a concurrent push for improving the accessibility and usability of this technology. And in the realm of computer-aided design (CAD) for construction projects, one software platform leading the way on this front is BricsCAD.

Whether working in 2D or 3D space, BricsCAD is designed to streamline the workflow between architects, engineers, and those putting the pieces together in the real world – and remove as many barriers to entry for the process as possible.

The software is suitable for survey applications, civil and structural design, BIM (building information modelling) and 3D modelling, GIS (geographic information system), as well as mapping applications for underground utilities, road networks, and the like.

A valuable piece of the digital puzzle

BricsCAD offers an accessible and versatile suite of CAD tools for construction professionals of all stripes.

BricsCAD offers an accessible and versatile suite of CAD tools for construction professionals of all stripes.

Developed by Hexagon AB subsidiary Bricsys since 2002, BricsCAD can now be found in use on construction projects around the world, and its userbase continues to grow as the industry adapts to the digital world.

In Australia, BricsCAD is now available through premium reseller and construction technology specialists C.R. Kennedy, adding to the business’ comprehensive range of geospatial, surveying, and construction technology solutions.

Bernie Edmonds, Segment Manager – Building Construction at C.R. Kennedy, says the BricsCAD platform is a perfect fit for C.R. Kennedy’s offering, and allows the business to offer its customers a more complete technology
solution than ever before.

“Bricsys partnered with C.R. Kennedy on BricsCAD because of the sheer breath of our clients across many and diverse industries,” he says.

Bernie says this allows C.R. Kennedy to provide the BricsCAD software as part of an integrated solution for customers, streamlining their path to digitalisation in the process.

“For many of our clients in construction, they’re smart enough to realise that they need to move into the digital world and away from some of the traditional analogue methods like tape measures and string lines,” he says. “So,
they might come to us to purchase a digital total station that allows them to do all those tasks quickly, easily, and efficiently.

“But to do that effectively, you really need to have access to a digital plan and data set. That’s where BricsCAD comes in.”

Bernie says a lot of builders might have only limited experience working with computers and data, having spent their careers to date scribbling notes and measurements on large, physical paper plans.

“We can now introduce them to BricsCAD – the BIM version in particular – which gives them a good entry point into the 3D design space,” he says. “Then they can receive seemingly complex 3D drawings from an engineer or architect, and then they can easily strip back layers and tidy them up. They can delete any information that’s not needed onsite, making it very usable in the field.

“And our customers are realising how beneficial it is to their workflows to have that power, as it saves them having to go back and forth talking to architects or engineers.”

Low barrier, low risk

BricsCAD is available in either subscription or perpetual licences across a range of tiers.

BricsCAD is available in either subscription or perpetual licences across a range of tiers.

Bernie highlights the variety of perpetual and subscription licencing options available for BricsCAD as a big bonus in an increasingly ‘subscription only’ digital landscape.

“You can always just start off with the Lite version as an entry point with basic 2D drafting tools, and then move up to the Pro or BIM versions when you want to get into the full 3D modelling functionality,” he says.

“And you can either go with a subscription if you want to keep up to date with all the latest updates, or opt for a one-off payment for a perpetual licence if you think you’re only going to be using the same basic features ongoing.”

Bernie also credits Bricsys for how easy it is to migrate to BricsCAD from competitor platforms, with an abundance of helpful resources and easily accessible online training available.

“It also comes in at a very competitive price, but you’re not losing any functionality at all – in fact you’ll likely gain a few features,” he says.

Bernie acknowledges that not everybody is going to embrace the digital future with open arms, but says C.R. Kennedy is ready with the expertise and knowledge base required to get
people started.

“It is an educational process that we’re introducing to some people who may never have considered getting involved in the digital design side of construction,” he says. “And it can be daunting. But increasingly people are realising that if they want to be in the industry for the long term, they need to evolve with it.”

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