CR Kennedy’s Brisbane office affected by floods

Like so many other companies in Brisbane, CR Kennedy was affected by the recent flooding when water inundated its offices in Albion, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

Fortunately, the company was insured against flooding, and even more fortuitously it had been scheduled to move to new premises in Spring Hill — well above the flood line — about a week later. So the event simply brought the move forward by around a week.

But that was not before water, along with sewerage from a burst pipe, encroached into the building, including the warehousing space.

The company had had a lucky escape once before, back in 2011, when flooding lapped at the doors of the Albion premises.

CR Kennedy’s new Brisbane offices are located at 203 Wharf Street, Spring Hill, close to the CBD. The premises were originally the Brisbane headquarters of the Australian Federal Police.

The phone and fax numbers remain the same, namely 07 3862 6222 and 07 3862 6224 respectively.

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