Brisbane City Council Announcement - Leica DSX GPR


Brisbane City Council acquires new Leica DSX Utility Detection Solution that automates data analysis and creates a 3D utility map in the field.

Brisbane City Council (BCC), the largest local government in Australia, has made the strategic decision to adopt the new Leica DSX utility detection solution into its asset management field operation. The software will be used for preventive maintenance of underground utilities and incident response tasks where excavation work may be required on as needed basis.

The DSX represents a significant change in how ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology is used in the field with a simple detection workflow that anyone can understand. The DSX can be used by non-experts to complete area mapping or grid surveys that allows in-field decision making with high confidence.

The DSX utility detection solution uses advanced software coupled with high-accuracy positioning technology that allows for instant visualisation, analysis and interpretation of underground utilities detected.

Users no longer need to interpret individual scans and manually pick targets on multiple radargrams. After the grid survey is completed, the GPR data is automatically post-processed and suspected targets are analysed by the intelligent DXplore software, in a top down view.

This software compares selected targets to a library of real world GPR responses by applying machine learning processes. When the identified assets are accepted, a digital utility map is then generated in the field within minutes, with the results directly exportable to CAD and GIS software.

The power of the plan-view representation of utilities in the DXplore software, which presents an x-ray - like scan of the ground below their feet, allows for various members of the investigation team to confidently map the depth and location of underground services. The ease -of-use of the Leica DSX package allows all members of the team, regardless of experience, to arrive at the same result.

Leica Geosystems and C.R. Kennedy showed great customer-focus during the roll-out, especially also when providing support for the custom Brisbane City Council spatial grid system, meaning that all detected utilities can now be seamlessly incorporated into existing subsurface models.

Brad Keane, C.R. Kennedy Subsurface Detection Specialist, said locating and mapping of invisible underground utilities that are typically undocumented is a lengthy task that used to be limited to highly experienced professionals with technical background.

“The Leica DSX utility detection solution allows new users with limited experience in interpreting ground penetrating radar data to take advantage of the benefits the technology has to offer – assuring safety during excavation works by reducing the risk of utility strikes,” Keane said.

“We are excited that Brisbane City Council is one of the first adopters of this revolutionary GPR solution and, after three months of use, have already benefited greatly in productivity with less time spent on-site.”

This contract award reaffirms C.R. Kennedy’s leadership in providing the most advanced underground detection solutions to professionals to support with safety, management and automation of underground detection and mapping tasks.

“The combination of accessibility to world-leading technology, C.R. Kennedy specialist in-house consulting expertise, and national-wide service and support facilities will deliver Brisbane City Council with superior performance along with sustained economic benefits,” Keane said.

Craig Robertson, Australia & New Zealand regional director of at Leica Geosystems, said the Leica DSX is another example of our dedication to serving customers with innovative technology solutions.

“With this utility detection solution Leica Geosystems brings GPR technology to users with limited GPR knowledge who need to locate, avoid or map underground utilities in a simple, fast and safe way,” he said.

“Working with C.R. Kennedy, we are honoured to bring solutions to Brisbane City Council.”

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