Engineering and Construction Surveyors

Leica iCON construction software is THE software for construction setout. Leica iCON total stations are available in 1” & 2” instruments.

Kit Includes*:
  • iCR80 5" R500, iCON total station
  • GDF323 Tribrach PRO w/o opt. Plummet blk
  • CCD18, LR-BT Communication Handle black
  • MPR122, 360° Reflector PRO
  • CRP1, Construction Pole, telescopic, cm
  • GSR115, Bi-Pod, for all GLS and CRP
  • CMB10, Tablet Holder for CC80 Tablet
  • GHT63 Pole clamp for attaching GHT
  • GVP732, Case for iCON TPS acc. w/ CC8x
  • GEB222 Battery int. Li-Ion 7.4V/6000mAh
  • MS1, USB memory stick, 1GB
  • GST120-9 Heavy Duty Wooden tripod
  • GKL311 single Charger Prof 3000
  • GEV192-4 AC/DC-Adapter for GKL311
  • CC80-10, Rugged 7" Tablet PC
  • CA37, Power cord (AUS) for AC/DC Adapter
  • CSW 201, iCON build
* can be customised
Common Tasks;
  • Setting out of control points and benchmarks for the construction site.
  • Measuring and verifying the location and elevation of features such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and utilities. Performing general setout of construction designs
  • Monitoring the stability and movement of structures such as buildings, dams, and retaining walls.
  • Performing deformation monitoring to detect and measure changes in the shape or position of structures over time.
  • Using Reflectorless to check the elevation of surfaces, slopes, and grades.
  • Use As-built App to measure existing conditions of the site and quickly produce a report on the tablet. Extensive reporting features with exporting of data as easy as a couple clicks.

Construction surveyors typically work with complex data sets and models, often generated in software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, or Bentley MicroStation. Leica iCON operators can use the data from these software packages on site to perform their required tasks. Surface models can be used with the Cut & Fill Application or 3D IFC models can be used with Layout Objects Application.

Recommended Apps

  • Layout Objects (Required for IFC Models)
  • Verification App (scan and create heat maps)
  • iCON Build Plus – With Cut/Fill app surface models can be used to check sub base pre pour and verify concrete as its poured.
  • iCON app "2Face & Set" recommended for sets of rounds measurements.

Recommended Accessories

Tripod Star
Most can do without but if you’re setting up the total station on concrete or smooth surfaces its very important that the total station is setup securely, the Leica tripod star is best for this.

Added stability to the prism pole for stakeout

A pole tip that leaves a mark on the slab after stakeout, efficiency gains

AP20 Pole (only available with iCR70)
The world’s first tilt-compensated total station pole solution for construction and surveying professionals.

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    Leica iCON iCB70 Manual Total Station
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    Leica iCON iCB70 Manual Total Station

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    Only 1 left
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    Leica iCON iCB50 Manual Total Station
    ETA: 05/06/2024

    Leica iCON iCB50 Manual Total Station

    ETA: 05/06/2024
    ETA: 05/06/2024
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    Leica iCON GPS 30 Smart Antenna

    Leica iCON GPS 30 Smart Antenna

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