VIC RTK Unlimited 1 Year

  • VIC RTK Unlimited 1 Year

HxGN SmartNet  is a subscription based service offering RINEX file download and GNSS Network RTK corrections throughout Australia.

Providing Australia's largest GNSS RTK Networks available in the market place today, we have partners in all levels of government and private companies supplying GNSS data from their reference stations. This offers a cost effective solution to a wide range of customers including Surveyors, Farmers, GIS users, and Machine control operators

Community approach to establishing a CORS network

  • 620+ CORS sites throughout Australia

Coverage - Tasmania

  • Privately owned CORS, 8 sites
  • 9 GA sites
  • Predominately Ag usage in north
  • Plans to expand coverage 
    between the main towns

Provide GNSS CORS-based Services via the Internet

  • Real-Time Kinematic GNSS Corrections (approx. 2 to 5 cm)
  • Differential Code Corrections (approx. 0.5 to 2 m)
  • RINEX downloads for Post-Processing (as above)
  • Goals of highest Accuracy, Reliability and Availability

Networked CORS corrections, not just single bases

  • Offering open standard RTCM messages for greatest interoperability

RTK corrections also supplied in non-proprietary formats

  • Provide services to any GNSS manufacturer

Satisfying various Market Segments

  • Survey, Construction & Engineering
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Machine Control & Mining
  • Cadastre, GIS, UAVs, ITS & Mapping
  • Anyone needing accurate GNSS positioning 
    and timing

HxGN SmartNet  around the World

America: 1300+ CORS, across 3 countries

Europe: 2500+ CORS across 19 countries

Russia: 50+ CORS across Russia

HxGN SmartNet  App

  • Ideal for checking Site Status & Rover Credentials in the field
  • Network Status & NTRIP port connectivity
  • NTRIP login (username, password)
  • Mount tables
  • Subscription status
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Brand: HxGN SmartNet | Code: SNA5307242
Supplier Code: 5307242

Brand: HxGN SmartNet | Code: SNA5307242
Supplier Code: 5307242

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Related Categories HxGN SmartNet