Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver

  • Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver
  • Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver
  • Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver
  • Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver
  • Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver

Confidence through precise positioning

The Leica Viva GS10 high-precision receivers combine all features to provide peak performance, even under the most demanding conditions. Rest assured you are receiving the most accurate results when you count on the positioning reliability of the Viva GS10 and GS25.

Ensure today’s and tomorrow’s success with these outstanding GNSS receivers that offer upgrade functionality options to adapt with advancing satellite positioning systems. Regardless of the task at hand, enjoy the confidence that comes with a job well done using the Viva GS10 and GS25.

The Leica Viva GS10 receiver also deliver with:

Engaging software
The Leica Viva GS10 receivers come with the revolutionary Leica Captivate software, turning complex data into the most realistic and workable 3D models. With easy-to-use apps and familiar touch technology, all forms of measured and design data can be viewed in all dimensions. Captivate spans industries and applications with little more than a simple swipe, regardless of whether you work with GNSS, total stations or both.

Infinite possibilities
While Captivate captures and models data in the field, Leica Infinity software processes the information back in the office. A smooth data transfer ensures the project stays on track. Captivate and Infinity work in conjunction to join previous survey data and edit projects faster and more efficiently.

Customer care at a click
Through Active Customer Care, a global network of experienced professionals is only a click away to expertly guide you through any problem.

  • Eliminate delays with superior technical service
    Finish jobs faster with excellent consultancy support
    Avoid costly site revisits with online service to send and receive data directly from the field

Control your costs with a tailored Customer Care Package, giving you peace of mind you’re covered anywhere, anytime.

Powerful handheld devices
In a controller or a tablet, take your entire office on the go when you discover the power to overcome any environment from the palm of your hand. The Leica CS20 controller and Leica CS35 tablet provide the ultimate in control and convenience with complete mobility. Touch screen technology allows for comfortable and quick data processing while a stunning 3D view transforms your Leica Viva GNSS experience.

GNSS technology
Built on years of knowledge and experience, the Leica GS10 delivers the hallmarks of Leica GNSS – reliability and accuracy.

  • SmartCheck – RTK data-processing to guarantee correct results
  • SmartTrack – advanced four constellation tracking of all GNSS satellites today and tomorrow
  • SmartRTK – delivers consistent results in all networks

The Leica GS10 is designed to suit any surveying task.

  • Exchangeable communication devices for field base stations and RTK rovers with removable SIM cards
  • Fully scalable sensor allows you to buy only what you need today and upgrade with additional functionality as you need it
  • Integrated web server to configure the logging of Leica or RINEX raw data and measure with one button press in the field

The Leica GS10 is built for the most demanding environments.

  • IP67 protection against dust and immersion to 1m
  • Built for extreme temperatures of -40°C to +65°C

Comparison Charts
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Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver - Datasheet
Product Manuals
Leica Viva GS10 GNSS Receiver - Product Manual

Leica Geosystems has developed an online learning platform for a wide range of products, to further educate customers to maximise the functionality of their instruments.

Our products have many excellent features which all contribute to increasing efficiency on site and the online learning platform assists you to gain the most value from your products.

The online learning courses are available to anyone who has a Leica Geosystems myWorld account, and an active Customer Care Package (CCP) for supported products.

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Brand: Leica Geosystems | Code: LG838030
APN: 9319499031916 | Supplier Code: 838030
Supplier Description:

Brand: Leica Geosystems | Code: LG838030
APN: 9319499031916 | Supplier Code: 838030
Supplier Description:

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Confidence through precise positioning
Related Categories Leica Viva Receivers

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