Liscad Survey Civil Pack

  • Liscad Survey Civil Pack


LISCAD is a powerful surveying and engineering software renowned worldwide for its innovation and quality.

LISCAD has the power to perform.  It is ituitive and easy to use as well as being flexible and adaptable to your procedures.

Join the thousands of customers in over 100 countries and discover why LISCAD will give you the advantage over other land surveying and civil engineering software.

LISCAD - The Surveyors Choice
Thousands of Surveyors in over 100 countries worldwide rely on LISCAD because
LISCAD is...
·        Easy to Learn and Use
·        Comprehensive and Flexible
·        Backed by Fast, Effective Service and Support
LISCAD's flexibility allows you to tailor its field coding system to adapt to your procedures and to perform reductions, adjustments and computations rigorously in relation to the geodetic projection selected.

You can also form huge digital terrain models, perform 2D / 3D transformations, transfer data between other systems, and compute volumes from end areas or digital terrain models as well as configure LISCAD to your personal preferences for units, colours, symbols, line styles, toolbars, feature display, reports and field coding.

LISCAD's intelligent design features will give you the capabilities you require whether you are building a dam, re-sheeting a road or designing a multi-lane freeway.

We are so confident that you will be impressed with LISCAD's functionality and capabilities; we also offer a fully functional 14-day evaluation license to be downloaded directly from the LISCAD website.

Installing & Running LISCAD
Download LISCAD from our website, select the language you wish to work with and follow the prompts.

Running LISCAD S.E.E.
To access the Surveying & Engineering functionality of LISCAD, run the S.E.E. Application.
The LISCAD S.E.E. functionality is logically grouped into the items listed below, which are accessed from the "Task" menu:
·        Utilities 
·        Background Images 
·        Field Transfer 
·        Survey Live
·        Adjustment 
·        Computations 
·        Transformations 
·        Terrain Modelling 
·        3D Visualisation
·        Profiles & Design 
·        Volumes 
·        Data Conversions 
·        CAD Output
·        PointCloud
Extensive Help and Tutorials are available from the "Help" menu.

Running Optional LISCAD Applications

To access the optional Computer Aided Drawing and plan production functionality of LISCAD, run the C.A.D. application.

To access the optional Symbol and Line Style design functionality of LISCAD, run the Resource Editor application.

Learning LISCAD
LISCAD contains a comprehensive Help system and an extensive range of tutorials, which are accessed from the Help Menu. For new LISCAD users it is highly recommended that you perform these tutorials to understand the fundamentals of LISCAD Surveying and Engineering Software. To access the tutorials, run the LISCAD SEE Application, select the "Help" menu, and then the "Tutorials" menu item. The system also contains comprehensive context sensitive help accessed from the Help buttons in all dialog boxes or by pressing F1.

LISCAD Product Information
LISCAD is a portfolio of integrated Land Surveying and Civil Engineering software modules. Please find a brief overview of the different LISCAD modules below. For further detailed information on these modules, please visit our website
Configure, organise, manage and report on your projects with the Utilities module.
(FREE with all LISCAD systems)
Input / Output
Includes Field Transfer, Data Conversions & CAD Output
Use the Input & Output module to transfer data to and from all popular, total station, data logger, GPS and digital level field surveying devices as well as other software systems including AutoCAD DWG, MicroStation DGN and LandXML.
Survey Live
Is for real-time field surveying and stakeout using total stations and GNSS receivers. Designed for small format tablet computers, the graphical interface combines finger or stylus operation with CAD type viewing controls, to clearly see your survey build as you go. Survey Live lets you have the power of your office software in the field as you can still access all your other LISCAD functionality.
Computations (COGO)
Full geodetic coordinate geometry (COGO) computations based on a selected map projection can be performed using the Computations module to create, edit and examine points, lines, polygons, text and alignments.
The Adjustment module utilises rigorous least squares solutions to adjust your field surveying measurements. Adjust traverse or network frameworks for both horizontal and vertical control.
The Transformations module can be used to compute least squares transformation parameters on coordinate data sets using a variety of methods and then transform coordinates to the new datum.
Terrain Modelling
Digital Terrain Model (DTM) formation is achieved using a geographically indexed data base to ensure fast and accurate formation of triangles on data sets of any size. Once a digital terrain model is formed the contours can be instantaneously displayed at any interval.
3D Visualisation
The 3D Visualisation module gives you a realistic 3D view of your project.
Profiles & Design
Use the Profiles & Design module to create and edit long section and cross sections for CAD output and end area volumes. The Profiles & Design module incorporates an impressive new condition based system for easy generation of virtually any civil engineering and road design.
The Volumes module can be used to compute an earthworks volume between surfaces, determine surface intersections, create height difference data sets and compute progressive volumes between planes.
Background Images
The Background Images module can be used to import orthophotos, satellite images and maps that can be georeferenced to allow for correlation of raster images to your vector geometry and for on-screen digitizing.
Point Cloud is for importing, viewing, editing and digitisation of point cloud data. View point clouds in the 3D view and use them to create point and line objects
Resource Editor
Use the Resource Editor module to create or edit your own symbols, line styles and fonts for use in all the LISCAD modules.
The CAD module is a CAD application designed specifically for land surveyors and civil engineers to enhance your plan and map production process.
LISCAD Lite is an abbreviated, low cost version of LISCAD designed for either a management review or data exchange to and from AutoCAD DWG, MicroStation DGN, total station, data logger, GPS and digital level field surveying devices.


LISCAD's modular structure allows you to purchase only the modules that you require or alternatively we offer LISCAD packs at a heavily discounted price, thereby minimising your costs and allowing you to take advantage of the most appropriate LISCAD saving.

These include:

Survey Pack - (Includes: Input/Output and Computations)

Survey Contour Pack - (Includes: Input/Output, Computations and Modelling)

Survey Premium Pack - (Includes: Input/Output, Computations, Adjustment and Transformations)

Survey Civil Pack - (Includes: Input/Output, Computations, Modelling and Volumes)

Survey Civil-Pro Pack - (Includes: Input/Output, Computations, Modelling, Volumes and Profiles & Design)

Survey Civil-Pro Premium Pack - (Includes: Input/Output, Computations, Modelling, Volumes, Profiles & Design, Adjustment, Transformations, Background Images and 3D Visualisation)

Liscad Survey Civil Pack - Datasheet

Brand: Liscad | Code: LC501
Supplier Code: LC501
Supplier Description: LISCAD SURVEY CIVIL PACK

Brand: Liscad | Code: LC501
Supplier Code: LC501
Supplier Description: LISCAD SURVEY CIVIL PACK

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