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There are many mapping applications on the market. They are mostly divided into highly complex surveying & GIS applications and more or less trivial „mapping“ applications. Very often you need a high degree of technical skillsor the application doesn't have a clear focus on utilities. What they all have in common is the lack of enterprise functionality, often requiring many steps to complete the field-to-office process. Geolantis.360 is world's first "Enterprise grade" mapping application.

Almost all utility network operators and contractors use a series of manual steps to get data from and to the field. It's more or less a manually triggered sequence of import and export functions or rarely documented scripts. To manage a field job several systems needs to be operated by the field crew. Open emails with job descriptions or Word documents manually copied to the device, view utility drawings in a CAD Viewer and use a mapping application to "collect" surveying points. More than 50% of enterprises still use paper forms to "side-document" their field jobs.

For field crews performing installation and maintenance work the ability to accurately pinpoint the location of assets in the field is absolutely essential.

Geolantis.360 is a game changer in office & field collaboration. It's a next generation platform to manage data collection, inspections and asset management. The unique fully integrated solution delivers unparalleled performance. Geolantis.360 creates a ROI in months, not years, by delivering powerful & reliable solutions that transform the field into a business center. It encompasses all map viewing and navigation capabilities while hiding the complexity of GIS and CAD systems to provide the same level of detail to mobile users.

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  • Manage users and their qualifications
  • Manage projects & locations
  • Manage roles & access rights
  • Manage devices & other resources
  • Manage documents
  • Manage field forms & custom fields
  • Manage check lists
  • Integrated communication tool (state of the art corporate chat software)

But Geolantis.360 does not stop here. There are add-on modules for

  • Work force management
  • Task management
  • Project time tracking

THE POWER OF THE CLOUD - Reduced data collection and field operation costs

No more waiting days, weeks or even months for an update. When a connection is available, syncing will happen in real-time - so administrators and field users see updates as they work.

Administration costs are a constant topic in larger enterprises. Automatic updates brings new functionality and improvements on Geolantis.360 over-the-air. The app notifies if there is an update available. New apps can be rolled out to a specific group of users for testing. There is an option for on-premise installations if IT policies requires it.


  • Simplification of processes 
  • Significantly improves data quality 
  • Consistent data collection methods 
  • Combines GIS & asset management 
  • Drives data accuracy of field based work 
  • Improves efficiency of field based work 
  • Workflows to maintain data integrity


Geolantis.360 comes with an open Application Programming Interface (API) to fully integrate it in enterprise environments. This enables a continuous workflow and automation of processes.  

  • Import spatial data (assets)
  • Retrieve updates on assets (spatial, forms, photos,..)
  • Create work orders
  • Dispatch field workers
  • Access time tracking & performance figures 

The only mapping & surveying grade platform with complete enterprise integration. Connect Geolantis.360 to GIS, CAD, ERP & PMS!


Geolantis.360 with Leica Zeno 20 Workflow

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