Getting Started with Leica RTC360


By Jennifer Ludwig - Technical Sales and Support - Laser Scanning - CR Kennedy Survey

The new Leica RTC360 laser scanner makes 3D reality capture faster than ever before. With a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second and advanced HDR imaging system, the creation of coloured 3D point clouds can be completed in under two minutes. Plus, automated targetless field registration (based on VIS technology) and the seamless, automated transfer of data from site to office reduce time spent in the field and further maximise productivity.


How to get Cyclone FIELD on your tablet?

Get it from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can get the App freely from either iTunes or Google Play, but to access you need to establish an Cyclone Cloud account


Click on Register to create your account.

Make sure you choose a USERNAME and a PASSWORD that is generic and easy to use for anyone in your company.

You will have to enter an EID to activate the account. Use the EID of you Cyclone REGISTER or Cyclone REGISTER360 license.

Once done, go on the table, and enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD in Cyclone FIELD to start to use it.



The RTC360 Tripod

By turning the screws fully, the legs could get completely out. If this happens, make sure to not lose the hose clamp.

You only need to turn the screw slightly to extend the leg out, no need to unscrew it fully.

To mount the RTC on the tripod or take it off the tripod, open the quick-release clamp fully.




Insert batteries and USB stick

3-1.png 3-2.png



Connect the Tablet to the RTC360

Make sure the wifi on the RTC is ON.

Turn on the wifi on the tablet and choose the wifi if the RTC.

Enter the password that you can find in the battery case of the RTC.

4-1.png 4-2.png


Scan settings

You can start the scan from the tablet or from the scanner directly.


By changing the scanning options, you can see how long the full-dome will take. Here are some examples:



In the Field



How to upgrade the firmware of the RTC360?

Go to your myWorld account and open myProducts.

Click on the RTC 360 in the list. This opens the following page on which you can click on Software.

Go to your myWorld account and open myProducts.

Click on the RTC 360 in the list. This opens the following page on which you can click on Software.


Find RTC360 Firmware in the list and download it


Copy the firmware on the RTC360 USB stick and put the USB back in the scanner when done.

Turn the RTC360 on. Click on the settings menu and scroll down to see Upgrade Firmware and click on Upgrade.

Make sure the batteries inside the scanner are charged before you start the Upgrade process. The scanner might restart a few times in the process.



Importing the data into Cyclone

Get the data from the USB

From the USB, copy the job folder as well as the project.rtc360 file.

Paste on your computer

The project.rtc360 file needs to be next to the job folder and not inside it.

The best is to put the folder containing the setups in a new folder in which you drop the project.rtc360 as well.



Option 1: Import in Cyclone REGISTER

Create a database.

Then import RTC360 data.

So when you import in Cyclone REGISTER, you should not select 181104_TheJob-O11n, but you should select the parent folder you created.

Like this for example:

In Cyclone you must select the folder “TheJob” to import the project.


In the Import dialog box, make sure to tick the Smart Align option to use the links created in Cyclone FIELD.


A window then shows you a map view of the setups and the links created in Cyclone FIELD:



Option 2: import in Cyclone REGISTER 360

Create a New Project.

Drag and drop the parent folder in the top left corner, or browse files and select the project.rtc360 file.


You will see a preview of the scans in the central view and the list of setups on the left.

Choose the import settings in the top right corner.

Click on Import in the bottom right corner.



Check the HELP from Register360 for more details on the settings and more information on the workflow:



Tips for REGISTER 360

Create versions

Once the job imported, create a new version and start working on this version. This way you can save the state of the project right after import.


Publishing more than once

In the REPORT tab, rename the project in the top left corner when re-publishing the report or re-exporting data. Click twice on the name and type a new name.


Use Control Points

The control points need to be imported as Y, X, Z, in same unit as the project.

Go to the Import tab and browse to your text file. Import the text file.

Then go in the Review and Optimize tab. Select the Bundle, click right and choose Apply Control.

For detailed info:




Using controls that are not B&W targets

Loading the control points text file does not create new points, the label needs to exist in the point cloud for it to be used.

Select one setup and switch to Setup Cloud view. Orient the view to the point you’d like to create.

Click on Edit Target:


Choose New Virtual Target to click a point.


Click on the desired point:


Give it the same name as in your text file then click on Done:



Open Project in Cyclone

If you imported and registered your project in Cyclone REGISTER360, you can open this project from Cyclone REGISTER.

Create a Database, click right and go to the bottom of the list:







Download the FAQ here


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