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Brisbane City Hall facade with the new Leica RTC360

10 September 2018


Jennifer Ludwig - Technical Sales and Support - Laser Scanning

Two weeks ago I did one of my first scans with the RTC for the SSSI Conference in Brisbane. It was a very quick scan of the facade of the City Hall where the event was held. The idea was to show the registration workflow and the resulting point cloud during a presentation.


In only a few minutes, I scanned the main facade in 4 setups with the following parameters:

  • Medium Resolution (6mm @10m): I wanted to see how good would the highest details show up with the medium res, to understand if high res would be needed for such a project
  • Images ON: it is amazing to see the results of the HDR directly on the tablet
  • Double Scan ON: it was a perfect spot to test the Double-scan functionality, as there were constant groups of people walking through the square
  • VIS ON: it is just impressive to see the scan popping up on the tablet exactly in the right spot. Thanks to the 5 cameras tracking points while moving the scanner from one setup to another, it knows exactly where the next setup is compared to the previous one. I did 3 scans in consecutive setups and came back near the first one to make the 4th scan, the VIS worked perfectly.


Each setup took 2min40 so this small project took about 15 minutes only.

The use of the tablet while scanning makes it just obvious whether an additional scan is needed, as it enables to view the scan data in any direction, as a map view but also in 3D.

The scans are positioned and oriented thanks to the VIS. If needed, the alignment can be improved manually and/or through cloud-to-cloud directly on the tablet. But the registration will be improved when importing the scans in Cyclone Register 360, so on the tablet it is only really about creating the links between the setups.

In Register 360, the bundle is optimized. We can see here a final cloud-to-cloud error of 4mm between each scan.



From Register 360, the data can be directly published to a TruView to easily share the data with anyone and allow users to annotate, tag, measure on the same file.

Here is the TruView of this dataset:


I also exported the whole point cloud to mesh and texture the facade within 3DReshaper. Meshing the facade really showed how much detail did the scanner pick up at medium res. I'll be updating this post with these results soon!



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