MicroSurvey Expands Their Online Courses

MicroSurvey is pleased to announce that we now offer a total of 6 training packages in MicroSurvey School. All courses have been thoroughly tested during internal training sessions and are based on well established curricula from traditional classroom training. All classes offer a combination of video instruction, access to further reference materials, hands on exercises and graded quizzes to ensure your mastery of the material.

These courses are ideal for users who are relatively new to the respective MicroSurvey products or who feel they would like to deepen their understanding of a key topic. These courses can also serve as an excellent resource to employers who are looking for an efficient way to train new staff in the use of MicroSurvey. The paid versions of the courses require that students prove that they have completed each module correctly and are issued a certificate with a unique serial number upon completion.

Visit http://learn.microsurvey.com to see our current offerings.




Courses offered free of charge:

MicroSurvey CAD for Construction Professionals

The "MicroSurvey CAD for Construction Professionals" curriculum is designed for two audiences:

1. Clients who are planning to use MicroSurvey CAD as an office solution for construction layout will be introduced to the specific functions they require for their industry.

2. Clients who are familiar with the popular but now retired MicroSurvey Point Prep 2014 product can update their skills to take advantage of the greater capabilities offered in MicroSurvey CAD. This curriculum and the Point Prep workspace are designed to make this a simple transition.

This course will be offered free of charge for a limited time. This is a hands-on curriculum which includes sample files, videos, readings and quizzes so you can assess your own progress. Students who have completed this curriculum will be prepared to receive CAD, data or BIM files, perform drawing cleanup tasks, populate drawings with points for construction layout and export information to the field.





STAR*NET Certification 1: Import Workflows

Courses offered for a fee:

MicroSurvey COGO 1

MicroSurvey COGO 2

MicroSurvey COGO 3

MicroSurvey COGO Bundle


Please ensure that you contact your sales representative for a discount code if your maintenance is current.



Kailey Shearer

Regional Accounts Manager - Surveying at MicroSurvey

MicroSurvey School Updated (Original Post by James Johnston - Aug 7, 2019)

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