BLK360 Firmware 1.2.2 Released


These Release Notes contain important information about the new Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner firmware v1.2.2.

With immediate effect, the new firmware can be downloaded from the myWorld @ Leica Geosystems customer portal, or the Leica BLK360 homepage.

This firmware can be installed on all BLK360 imaging laser scanners independent of the already installed firmware version.

Please note that to make use of all the new functionalities of v1.2.2 a new version of the according iPad app respectively a new version of Cyclone Classic, Cyclone REGISTER 360 and BLK360 Data Manager is required (See below).


Whats New?

Reduced scan data size

With the new firmware the scan data gets stored in a more compact way and this reduces the scan data size in the best case up to 40% compared to the scan data collected with the previous firmware versions. This benefits the user by being able to store more setups on the internal memory and secondly by allowing a slightly faster setup transfer from the BLK360 to the end-user device (iPad Pro, PC, etc.). Please note that only the scan data is affected by the reduction and does not influence the data size of the captured images, they remain the same. The reduction of the scan data has no drawback on the measurement quality, the speed, range and accuracy of the distance measurements stay the same. The reduction rate is proportional to the amount of scanned points and follows the simple rule where the more points are scanned the bigger is the reduction rate.

Depending on the scan environment following reduction rates can be reached in the best case:

Point density mode

Reduction rate


Up to 40%


Up to 30%


Up to 15%


Enhanced imaging processing

The latest firmware of the BLK360 imaging laser scanner comes with an enhanced imaging processing to improve the robustness of capturing and displaying panoramic images. The enhanced imaging processing ensures that erroneous single image tiles in the panoramic images displaying visual artefacts are removed and instantly replaced in the background by correct image parts. The user will not face anymore issues with single image tiles of the panoramic images as it could happen in very rare cases with previous firmware versions. The user profits from these improvements by making re-capturing of the scene unnecessary due to the more robust imaging processing.


Removal of rare pink mist in LDR and HDR images

Under certain circumstances it could have happened that with previous firmware versions in very rare cases the captured panoramic image was partly covered with a pink mist displaying parts of the scene pinkish. The firmware version 1.2.2 includes an important improvement for the BLK360 imaging laser scanner which avoids the light pink mist effect already at the capturing time.


Improved brightness control for panoramic images

The brightness control for panoramic images got significantly improved in comparison to the previous firmware versions and allows now to create a more homogeneous panoramic image in terms of brightness of the scene. In very special situations it might have occurred that a few single tiles of the full panoramic image were displayed brighter or darker than the rest leading to an inconsistency within the panoramic image. Due to the improvements in the firmware version 1.2.2 panoramic images will be comprised of homogenously exposed tiles only and the process of re-capturing a whole scene because of wrongly exposed tiles can be omitted.


Automatic update of the SD card to avoid corruption

In single rare cases the internal memory of the BLK360 imaging laser scanner was not accessible anymore due to a malfunction of the integrated SD card. The new firmware version v1.2.2 contains a dedicated update for the SD card, which is applied during the BLK360 firmware upload, which fixes this problem on the SD card itself, which should avoid future malfunction of the SD card.


Extended Scan delay for push-button

The time delay between triggering the push-button on the BLK360 and starting the scan process can now be defined by the user with up to 10 minutes. With the previous firmware versions, a delay of max 1 minute was possible but not enough for certain applications where the user needs the scan process to start with a higher delay after triggering the push-button. Extending the time delay between triggering the push-button and starting the scan process from 1 minute to 10 minutes expands the area of applications where the BLK360 imaging laser scanner can be used.


Scan only capture for push-button

Since version v1.2.0 the firmware is prepared to support scan only use cases without image capturing. With version 1.2.2 this is also supported to be programmed onto the push-button.



Please see the firmware loading guide for details on how to update the firmware on a Leica BLK360.

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