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LIDAR mapping and rapid data collection with Hovermap

13 July 2019

Hovermap - warehouse.png

LIDAR mapping and rapid data collection has never been easier!

Hovermap is an extremely flexible platform that collects 3d data of the world around you as you move through it. Not requiring GPS to operate, this is ideal for above or underground mapping.

Developed in Brisbane, Australia with the CSIRO, the Hovermap offers solution for a wide variety of industries. This unique mobile laser scanning platform is a unique capture solution that it does not rely on GPS, which can be carried by hand, drone or other vehicle.


Hovermap is a self-contained payload which includes a rotating LiDAR and on-board processing to analyse the lidar data in real-time. It can be mounted on any number of vehicles or simply carried by hand. When used with a DJI drone, the Hovermap can also offer advanced capabilities such as active collision avoidance and exporation.

Hovermap - scanner.jpg

Revolutionising the utility
of industrial drones

Drones are already disrupting a number of markets as they are put to use for industrial applications. They have limitations which prevent them from having even greater utility however.  They cannot reliably detect and avoid obstacles in all directions, fly autonomously where there is no GPS, and require at least one skilled operator per drone. Hovermap overcomes these limitations with a combination of lidar-based sensing and autonomy. This allows drones to fly safely in challenging environments even where GPS is unavailable. They can therefore collect valuable data that is otherwise impossible to collect. Examples include mapping and exploring inaccessible areas of underground mines and inspecting telecommunication and broadcast towers.

Hovermap - factory.png

SLAM-based LiDAR Mapping

Hovermap utilises Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms instead of heavy and expensive GPS/INS hardware. This allows accurate 3D mapping in GPS-denied environments such as indoors, underground or close to large structures. Lidar data is logged on-board and post-processed to produce 3D point clouds. The accurate point clouds enable the generation of as-built plans of complex 3D structures or volumetric calculations of earthworks, stock piles or underground mine stopes. Automatic alignment of consecutive scans allows for the detection of small changes.

Hovermap - bridge.jpg

Hovermap will allow asset owners to access high-fidelity, actionable data at the press of a button.


  • Asset management
  • Infrastructure and building inspection
  • Forensic crime scene mapping
  • Mine site and Quarry mapping
  • Construction site mapping
  • Forestry
  • Power line mapping
  • Emergency Services & disaster relief
  • Film and Tv production


Mapping Specifications

Lidar range

Up to 100m

Lidar accuracy

+/- 3cm

Global SLAM accuracy

+/- 0.1% typical

Angular field of view

360° x 360°

Data acquisition speed

300,000 points/sec

File size


Flight speed

Up to 5m/s (scene dependant)

Laser safety class

Class 1 eye safe


Max. 90W

Input voltage

12 – 50V (e.g. 4s LiPo)


2 kg

Point cloud file format

.laz, .ply

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