Reality Capture Solutions

Our reality capture solutions visualise any environment as it is so you can model with accuracy and precision

Embracing the digital age, understanding algorithms and “future proofing” is paramount at CR Kennedy. Our reality capture component of the business focuses heavily on accuracy and precision.

We provide a portfolio of sensor technology to help you, the professional, to create ultra-realistic worlds, to facilitate precise planning. From conceptualization, design, to inspections, our services provide integrity, critical infrastructure and highly detailed visualizations.

CRK offers a wide range of UAV, mobile and terrestrial solutions from the premium manufactures in the industry, using the latest lidar and photogrammetric technology and software, enabling you to achieve true 3D deliverables

So when it comes to digital building, state of the art mapping or creating a detailed GIS, our sensors capture manmade structures, natural formations, and below-water objects to bring you current and accurate maps.

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