Monitoring Solutions Across Industries

Our sophisticated monitoring solutions combine a wide array of geodetic, geotechnical and meteorological sensors with fully customisable software

With mass globalization of industries, increasing population growth and human activity. Or, natural occurrences such as global warming, environmental disasters and erosion, our planet's ecological system is continually evolving. Buildings and dams settle, bridges flex and vibrate, rock masses shift and mudslides flow, hence, management of these factors are vital.

Infrastructure, economies and our daily lives are dependent upon the health of bridges, dams, tunnels, elevated road systems, mines and high-rise buildings.

C.R. Kennedy Geospatial provides solutions to manage and monitor these structures with reliable, precise data acquisition, advanced processing, sophisticated analysis and secure data transmission.

Using standard interfaces, web interfaces, open architectures and scalable platforms, all these processes and tools are customisable to meet your individual requirements – including permanent and temporary installations, single sites and monitoring networks.

Our solutions enable many engineers, geologists and other professionals to understand current and future implications of structural movements and therefore improve risk assessment, reduce cost, forecast potential disasters and save lives.

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