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The UAVER Avian is a dual eletric motor, fixed wing UAV with parachute deployment for safe landing, designed specifically for aerial mapping, real time surveillance, disaster emergency, works supervision, agricultural survey, forest monitoring, and much more. With a 90 minute flight time and flexible sensor payload options, the Avian is the perfect tool for mapping or surveying large areas. 

Autonomous Flight

Fully autonomous is certainly the most interesting feature in our aerial mapping system. Once the UAV is launched, it will fly along it’s designated flight path and take the aerial photographs. Once mission is accomplished, It will fly back to the designated landing point and deploy the parachute. The deployment of parachute allow the UAV to land in tougher terrain.

Simple & Easy

Our aerial mapping system is designed for the non-professional remote pilot. It is simple and ready to be deployed in a fully autonomous way. It requires minimum or no training at all, user simply need to go through our complete operating manual. After conducting the step-by-step preflight system check, it can be launched from a supporting equipment through the bungee cord, without risking the operating personnel. Ground control software featuring with a very user friendly interface. Software interface is occupied by a large portion of map, making the flight planning clear and accurate. Navigation waypoints or flight area could be created by simple clicking actions. Besides that, warning message will pop out to prevent user making the wrong setting and ensure the safety of the unmanned aerial vehicle.

Image Processing

Each of the acquired aerial photograph will have a position and orientation data (POS data). The photographs will be orthorectified according to the POS data and combined to produce a geo-referenced orthophoto mosaic. Orthophotos can be further processed to generate Digital Elevation Model (DEM). UAVER provides different software depending on the requirements of the user 

Flight Performance
The aircraft configuration of Avian UAV allows a more stable a quality flight throughout the mission, resisting a more turbulent working environment. The low cruising speed of Avian contributing to the better aerial photographs.

Reliable Platform
Avian UAV has been operated since 2008, with more than 1200 flight hours. It is proven in rough terrain and tough environment.

High Durability
High strength carbon composite airframe and parachute system allows Avian UAV to land on hard surface, decreasing the limitation for searching the launch and recovery site.

Advanced Payload
Avian UAV is capable to carry the DSLR-like digital camera. High resolution of the aerial photograph can have the GSD up to 5cm, while flying at a higher altitude. Moreover, payload of the Avian UAV is customizable.

Case Study
Camera  : Panasonic FT2
Average Height  : 230 m
Number of Images  : 542
Area  : 3.80 km2
Ground Sample Distance  : 6.76 cm

Orthophoto Mosaic

Relief Map

Weight 4.00 kg (8.80 lb)
Dimensions 160 x 103 x 35 cm (5.25 x 3.38 x 1.15 ft)
Wingspan 1.60 m (5.25 ft)
Wing Area 48 dm2 (5.17 ft2)
Speed Cruise Speed :64 km/hr (35 knots),Max. Speed:81 km/hr (45 knots)
Flight Altitude AGL:100 - 500 m (328 - 1640 ft),AMSL:2500 m (8200 ft)
Endurance 60 - 90 min.
Weather Wind:Beaufort scale 6 (39 - 49 km/h or 22 - 27 knots)
Rain:Beaufort rain force 4
Temperature:-20°C ~ 60°C
Take Off Bungee Cord
Recovery Parachute
Material Carbon Fiber Honeycomb Sandwich Structure,VARTM Process
Propulsion Electric brushless 120 W,Dual Prop
Battery Lithium-Polymer 11.1 V,15000 mAh (Motor) & 5000 mAh (Avionic)
Communication Frequency 434 / 868 / 912 MHz (optional),19200bps,Half-duplex,8 channel
Communication Range Up to 5 km (Omni),10 km (Directional)
Ground Equipment Data Control Box (Omni Antenna)
System Setup Time 10 min.
Autopilot Automatic Take-off & Landing
Waypoint Navigation
Autonomous camera triggering
Fail-safe routines
Payload Samsung NX200 Digital Camera (20MP,F2.4,APS-C)
Aerial Photography Area 6 km2 (GSD 5cm),9 km2 (GSD 8cm),13 km2 (GSD 12cm)
75% Forward & 50% Side overlap,60 min. Flight time,3 sec shutter
Inclusion Control Station Software
Exclusion Laptop
Optional (1)Data Control Box (Omni & Directional Antenna)
(2)Electric brushless 420 W,Dual Prop (MSL:4500 m (14760 ft))
Application Aerial Mapping
Disaster Emergency
Works Supervision
Agricultural Survey
Forest Monitoring



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UAVER Avian Live Surveillance

The UAVER Avian is a fixed wing UAV system. It can carry a variety of payloads. The Avian is distributed in Australia by C.R.Kennedy & Company. 

UAVER Avian UAS Parachute Recovery

The recovery of the Avian UAS, by using parachute.

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