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TopoDrone 4Scight

Packages now available from $39995 plus GST!

  • Specifically designed for high accuracy photogrammetric mapping
  • Autonomous (self determining) flight mode
  • Launch and land regardless of terrain
  • Rapid data acquisition: flight and capture of detailed georeferenced imagery requiring only 2 hours on-site
  • Safe & reliable
  • Minor on-site intrusion
  • Wide range of flying conditions: can fly under clouds and in strong winds

The TopoDrone 4Scight is the world’s first true accurate mapping VTOL drone, with the advantages and photogrammetric accuracies developed by DroneMetrex and Sci Aero.

The new multi-rotor accurate mapping drone is completely different from all the other systems on the market. In our case we are talking about a genuine photogrammetric system which captures and processes aerial data with unparalleled mapping accuracy: 20mm horizontal and better than 25mm in height.

The TopoDrone 4Scight uses full-frame digital technology, highest quality lens, revolutionary Dynamic-stabilised Platform, and DMX-FMS (Flight Management System).

The TopoDrone 4Scight goes with our PPK Direct Georeferencing Solution for mapping without ground control points – high accuracy L1/L2/L5/GLONASS/COMPASS(BeiDou-2.

DroneMetrex has developed Direct Georeferencing Solution which uses L1/L2/L5/GLONASS/COMPASS(BeiDou-2) on board of a TopoDrone, synchronised to the nano-second of the camera shutter.
The accurate synchronisation is very important to achieve required mapping accuracies. Differential GPS post-processing is then used to obtain the accurate camera positions which are then used in the photogrammetric aerial triangulation. It significantly improves the level of accuracy for larger projects. It also significantly reduces the computer computational time for the final photogrammetric aerial triangulation.
A bit more clarity:
For the one flight, over an area with many GCP’s, the final accuracy of the mapping will be the same whether one uses DGS or simply uses the many GCP’s. But when

  • larger areas are mapped (which may require several flight sorties to cover the full area of mapping)
  • and/or when ground survey control needs to be reduced to only one or two points
  • and/or when the terrain to be mapped is more “challenging” for the type of coverage and therefore the pixel matching (such as dense forests, coastal mapping, etc

in all such cases the DGS significantly improves mapping accuracy, processing time reduction, and quality of photogrammetric mapping.

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 2,5kg
Endurance: up to 15min
Cruise speed: 10m/s
Wind resistance: up to 20 knots
Area coverage: in one flight with 2.5cm GSD: up to 60Ha
Camera GSD: 1,5cm at 60m
Mapping positional accuracy: 35 +/- 10 mm in XY and 80 +/- 40 mm in Z

Included with each TopoDrone 4Scight:


  • 4Survey  - Easy mission pre-flight planning and flight control of the drone for autonomous surveying flights. Ground sampling distance, overlap, side-lap, area coverage and other important photogrammetric variables can be specified in seconds. 4Survey then instantly plans out the required mission for you
  • 4Precision - Easily lock in extra accuracy for your photos using PPK correction data collected during the mission to improve the accuracy of your 3D models. At the press of a single button, 4Precision can also import the tagged photos onto Google Earth for immediate review


  • Our Unique PPK* Direct Georeferencing Solution:
    • Mapping with NO ground control
    • Increased mapping accuracy
    • Dramatically reduced processing and data delivery time
    • Mapping “challenging” types of terrain

4Scight multi-rotor:

  • Centrally balanced brushless gimbal stabilization ensures positional stability of camera sensor as well as rotational stability
  • Ducted rotor design - uniquely efficient
  • Non-conductive frame
  • Mechanically simple - low maintenance
  • Quiet: < 65 dBa @ 3m
  • Safe


  • Integrated 20Mp camera on the Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount
  • Dual Thermal/Optical cameras for inspection - with interchangeable Dynamic Stabilised Active Mount

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