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Aibotix X6

Aibotix X6

Packages now available from $34990 plus GST!

The perfect tool for airborne mapping, asset inspection and aerial video recording.

The Aibot X6 is an ultra-modern air robot which is easy to fly and has a high degree of robotics; an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) unique to its kind. The intelligent, flying board has been developed with the latest multi-rotor technology, and is capable of carrying a wide variety of sensor payloads. The multicopter Aibot X6 can be controlled remotely, or pre-programmed via a PC.

C.R.Kennedy & Co. offers full UAV / RPAS training courses for CASA certification.

Length/width 1.0 m
Height 0.45 m
Housing CFK (Carbon)
Weight 2.56 kg
Flight weight
(excluding Batteries)
ca. 3.7 kg - 6.5 kg
(dependent on payload and batteries)
Max. Payload 2.500 g (higher payloads on request)
Max. Speed 60 kmph
Climb rate 32.9 kmph
Flight height up to 13123 feet over MS
up to 6560 feet over ground
Flight time up to 30 minutes (dependent on payload)
Operating Temperature -4 - 104 F°
Sensors GPS, Gyroscope, 
8 ultrasonic sensors, Smart-Camera System with DSP
Controlling Remote Control,Tablet-PC (optional) or Autonomous
Power Source Litium-Polymer 5.000 - 10.000 mA


Aibot X6 Brochure1.08 MB
Sample 3D PDF model8.19 MB

UAV Aerial Mapping with the Aibot X6

Demonstration how to use VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for aerial mapping.

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