SPIKE - Smart Laser Measurement Solution

SPIKE - Smart Laser Measurement Solution

Spike is a smart laser measurement solution for all trade and construction professionals. The Spike device, Spike mobile app, Spike Cloud and your smartphone or tablet work together to change the way measurements are taken and shared.

Spike allows you to measure an object simply by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet. From that photo you can capture real-time measurements, including height, width, area, and the distance between two points. Today, thousands of contractors rely on Spike every day to get their field work done more quickly, efficiently and safely.

Device and OS Apple iOS & Google Android smartphones and tablets.
For a list of supported devices, visit www.ikegps.com/support
Battery Internal Li-ion Battery
Connectivity BLUETOOTH 4.0 low energy technology
Range 6 – 650 Feet (2 - 200 Meters)
Accuracy Distance: ± 5cm (2 in)
Photo Measure: ± 1%
Units Feet, Inches, Meters, Centimeters
Output Formats PDF, JPG, Spike File (XML), KMZ, URL


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