Mapping Assets Above and Underground

Mapping Assets Above and Underground – An Integrated Solution

The Leica Zeno 20 can quickly be turned into an extremely efficient sub-surface pipe and service locator solution when combined with either the Leica Digicat or Leica Ultra underground locator and the cloud-based GIS software suite by Geolantis. The integrated Zeno 20 solution provides an efficient workflow that allows full digital data capture, in the field, at the time the underground utility asset is located. This avoids the standard process of locating the asset, marking the location, recording part of the results, having a surveyor record the point location separately and then combining the data later in the office. By integrating the process and simultaneously capturing all data digitally, this combined solution is substantially quicker, data rich and avoids many of the inherent errors in the traditional methodology.

The Leica Zeno 20 is an extremely accurate and intuitive data collector, which enables field users to navigate to assets easily.

Locating an asset in the field can be challenging especially if the object is small, covered or underground, as is often the case with infrastructure in the utility sector.

SmartNet Aus, Australia’s most comprehensive network of Continually Operating Reference Stations (CORS), provides RTK corrections to the Zeno 20 handheld GIS data collector enabling sub-decimetre accuracy without an external antenna.

With Australia’s most comprehensive Continually Operating Reference Stations (CORS), SmartNet Aus, the Zeno 20 handheld GIS data collector provides sub-decimetre accuracy without an external antenna.

A highly interactive map - allowing queries of map objects, including customer uploaded map data such as design or as-built drawings.


Being able to reliably locate the asset in the field and query the characteristics of an asset, ensures that the survey is carried out in the correct position and according to the scope of work.

The Digicat 650i is the ideal tool to confirm the existence of underground utility assets, while the Ultra will enable accurate detection of both location and depth of the assets.

Measurements from the Digicat or Ultra are automatically transmitted to the Zeno 20 enabling the asset information to be integrated with the GPS position and GIS feature details. This will offer a comprehensive insight of the assets above and underground

Surveyed locations are instantly mapped and synchronised with the office system.

The mobile software is synchronized asynchronously with the back-end server and allows full offline use. Data is synchronized in the background without any interruptions during the field work.

Sharing of information across an organisation and beyond becomes a seamless process

An easy to use online portal allows management of all aspects of documenting utility location tasks. The user can switch between street view, satellite imagery and cartographic street maps. Field acquired survey data becomes instantly available and can be accessed by users anytime and anywhere.


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