Leica Zeno GG03

Leica Zeno GG03

Leica Zeno GG03 SmartAntenna, an upgradable GNSS SmartAntenna for organizations that require a compact and lightweight device for accurate and reliable positioning. The GG03 connects to all Zeno handheld and tablet devices including the new Leica Zeno 5.

Upgradeable, reliable and accurate GNSS technology

The Leica Zeno GG03 is completely upgradeable; starting as an L1 only DGPS SmartAntenna up to a highly accurate L1/L2 GNSS SmartAntenna. Built on years of knowledge and experience, the GG03 combines a high-performance GNSS SmartAntenna with complete reliability.

  • The GLONASS option improves satellites tracking in obstructed locations
  • The L2 option delivers cm accuracy in RTK or post-processed
  • High-accuracy, jamming resistant measurement engine, to ensure accurate and reliable results in the most demanding environments for all in-view satellite tracking

Built for the field
Designed for extreme environments – rugged, light-weight, and cable-free.

  • With IP68 the GG03 is built to withstand the most toughest field whilst maintaining an ergonomic, light-weight and compact design
  • Built to operate in extreme temperatures -30 °C to +60 °C
  • Easily exchangeable all-day-battery

Designed for versatile use
Choose the field computer, the field software and the setup (pole or backpack) to suit your workflow and budget.

  • Ready-to-use with Leica Zeno Field and Leica MobileMatriX
  • Various Leica Geosystems handhelds and tablet computers supported, such as Leica Zeno 5, Zeno 10 & Zeno 15, and the Leica CS25
  • Use Leica Zeno Connect to embed custom applications
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