GAMtec package

GAMtec package

The GAMtec (GNSS Angular Measurement) packagesincludes a Zeno 20 and a Leica DISTO S910 laser distance meter.

GAMtec transforms the S910 into a laser designator for the Zeno 20:  If you can hit an asset with the S910’s laser, the Zeno 20 will drop a point on it. 


The DISTO S910 is the most advanced laser distance meter (LDM) available. It features a 300m range, a 4x zoom digital scope with a real-time LCD touchscreen display, and Smartbase -- an integrated bi-axial pivot that the S910 uses to orient the measurements it takes in three-dimensional space.

The S910's map points are accurate to a best-in-class ~30cm from a distance of 100m.

The package includes a S910 Pro Pack and the hardware to fit the Zeno 20 to the included Tri-70 Tripod.

GAMtec package (Leica Zeno 20 and Leica DISTO S910 laser distance meter)

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