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Accura Hydrographic RC boat

Accura Hydrographic RC boat

In our modern world we have many considerations towards best practice, usually geared towards the least amount of endangerment to staff and the general public. Hydrographic/ Bathymetric RC Boat surveys have been conducted for many years using conventional boats and other watercraft. Given this push towards a more HR related world we now see many situations where it is impossible, ill-advised or at least onerous to have a person or staff member directly involved on the water conducting these surveys – hence the rise of the Remote Control Hydrographic survey boat industry.

Fully operational, non wifi, Accura units available from $27,500 inc GST

  • One man lift
  • Highly transportable case, fits into a station wagon or dual cab ute
  • Super easy to use and operate
  • Field tested for over one year
  • Local support and spare parts
  • Australian designed, built and field tested
  • Ideal size, weight, and intelligent design
  • Flexible platform, will operate with various GNSS equipment
  • External RC & WiFi Aerials for greater operational range
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Accura Hydrographic Survey RC boat

Accura Hydrographic Survey RC Boat - Laser Scanning

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"Seam Surveys have been involved with the Accura boat project for almost two years now. We have helped work through various Beta upgrades and alterations and are pleased to say that for the last 6 months, despite lots of use, our package has been virtually bullet proof. As a mine surveying consultancy firm we work in hazardous environments and remote places across all states of Australia. So the Accura Package has everything we need and is superior to the other products on offer because: It is compact, and light (fits on ute seat or tray), the dual frequency echosounder offers higher accuracy than a single (redundant measurements for true bottom), the data is recorded onboard as well as live data feed to Hydro software (no rework), weed guards on motors reduce vegetation issues and importantly it allows simple changeout of bathymetric equipment to a manned boat when required.

We are ecstatic with the Accura boat and CEE Sonar equipment and have now taken on a second Accura due to demand.”

Mick Harris - Seam Surveys  

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