Rototilt® R8

For excavators with a total machine weight of 23-30 metric tons. Our largest and most powerful Rototilt®. Just like other models, it has a control system which enables advanced use. 

Powerful cylinder solutions

Double-acting tilt cylinders can also be fitted with load-holding valves for extra safe management of the load.

Oil provides the best lubrication

The worm gear will work best if immersed in an oil bath. An oil-filled rotor housing provides maximum lubrication and minimal wear and tear, which equates to a very long service life. Oil is significantly better than grease at extreme temperatures, and provides better and simpler handling when servicing.

Stability and strength

A very powerful screw joint holds the housing and worktool in a tight grip.

Longer service life

Sturdy, well-dimensioned pins, shafts and bushings make Rototilt® more robust and longer-lasting than any other tiltrotator on the market.

Smart control systems

With a Rototilt® you can choose the control system that optimizes your excavator and helps improve performance and handling with enhanced settings options. Your tiltrotator will operate at an optimum level even in the toughest working conditions.

High performance

Rototilt® uses a higher system pressure than other makes on the market. This means better function performance – e.g. in the important tilt and torque movement – and more clamping force when using a grapple.

Powerful worm gear

Large bearing surfaces absorb and distribute the digging force effectively.

Smart attachment fitting

Direct attachment means lower total cost, lower weight and more digging power. For maximized flexibility, we have developed our own, patented multi-fixing.

Protected hydraulic motor

The specially-designed cover for the hydraulic motor is integrated into the cast rotor housing and protects against impact damage and supports it underneath.

Right casting in the right place

A cast rotor housing is both stronger and lighter than welded alternatives. The thickness of the casting is optimized to suit the load on each part.

Improved safety

All solutions and details are tested and approved to maximize safety and user-friendliness. This includes everything from quality assurance of all associated components, to control systems, and the connection/unlocking of worktools.

Hydraulic Quick Connection

Enables quick changes between hydraulic worktools. Thanks to our collaboration with our partners, we can offer built-in hydraulic Quick Connection in the quick coupler.

Individual testing

The tiltrotator you ordered is tested before delivery. All functions are controlled and guaranteed. Every Rototilt® is also weighed individually before it leaves the factory.


Electric swivel (option) provides the opportunity to control valves on worktools connected to Rototilt®. This enables even more advanced worktools to be used.

A high-flow swivel (option) allows the use of worktools with high-flow requirements up to 200 l/min. at 300 bar.

More worktools

Rototilt® offers a wide range of sort grapples, multi-grapples and Grapple modules. All the range is tailored to each Rototilt® model. The same applies to specially-designed worktools such as universal buckets, special buckets, pallet forks, and asphalt cutters.

Control system
ICS with autocalibration
ICS with SecureLock™
Tilt cylinder
Double-acting with load-holding valve
Electric swivel
HFS - high-flow swivel
ILS - central lubrication
ILS - central lubrication
Wheel and track control
Wheel steering
Track steering

Technical data

Machine weight 23000 - 30000 kg
Max standard bucket volume 1.6 m³
Max bucket width 2000 mm
Max breaking force 200 kN
Max. breaking torques 330 kNm
Weight (from) 730 kg
Tilt angle (2x) 40°
Rotation speed (1 turn in) 7 s at 70 l/min
Working pressure 25 MPa
Max return pressure 2 MPa at 90 l/min
Recomended hydraulic flow max 105 l/min
Nr of lubrication points 8
Turn torque 8400 Nm at 25 MPa
Tilt torque telescopic cylinders 64700 Nm
Tilt torque double acting cylinders 50900 Nm

Rototilt demonstration at Conexpo 2017

"If I don't have the chance to use tiltrotator, I don't think I like it"

Rototilt ICS - Innovative Control System

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