Technodigit 3D Reshaper

Technodigit 3D Reshaper

3DReshaper software is for end-users, dedicated to
- 3D point cloud processing and registration,
- 3D meshing of point clouds,
- CAD surface reconstruction,
- Survey CAD deliverables,
- tunneling applications, and
- 3D comparison for deformation analysis.

Ideal for processing deliverables from a range of 3D point cloud sources. 

3DReshaper has been created to be very simple to use and its interface is similar to the Window screen.

The 3D point clouds used to make 3D modeling can come from any measurement system or technology: 3D scanners, digitizer, CMM, laser point, laser trackers, laser plane (laser triangulation), time-of-flight laser (lasergrammetry), photogrammetry or stereophotogrammetry, etc.

3DReshaper Application is a 3D point clouds processing software for users who need to handle rapidly point clouds files to obtain high quality 3D meshes at affordable price. An evaluation version can be downloaded free. This software is used in a wide range of industries. Some examples are:

·         Nuclear plants: Framatome-Areva (France)

·         Jewelry and rapid prototyping: ProtoMaster (France), Hôtel des Monnaies (Algeria)

·         Electronic and semiconductors: Panasonic (Japan)

·         Mines and quarries: Falconbridge-Xstrata (Canada)

·         Medical and dental applications: Laserdenta (Switzerland)

·         Land Survey: a great number of companies in surveying and civil engineering throughout the world

·         DTM and texturing: Helimap (Switzerland)

·         Cultural heritage and sculpture: Downland Partnership (England), Tilmant (Belgium)

·         Off-shore industry: Welaptega (Canada)

And many more.

3DReshaper, the 3D scanner software - Mining Applications

The videos shows a real example of some features that 3DReshaper can provide for mining applications: point cloud filtering, 3D meshing, cross-sections, 3D inspections, texture mapping.
Here is presented a gallery of one of the deepest mine in the world.

Mesh Optimizer by 3DReshaper Dental - Automatic improvement of the STL files

The Mesh Optimizer is a dental CAD module to automatically improve the quality of imported STL files. Based on the point cloud or/and the STL model, this module enables to repair bad quality meshes while reducing the number of triangles (triangle reorganization process) and preserving the curvatures (necessary for the preparation lines). Furthermore, you can align and best-fit the antagonist parts if you have the reference bite. This module is a standalone solution or can be combined with the Model Creator to build a virtual model from impression and intra-oral scanner. This module is ready-to-use or can be customized for those who want to market their own solution. The Model Creator is also available in 3DReshaper Library SDK.

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