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Swing Boom Excavators Finally Get GPS Guidance

To date, swing boom excavators haven’t been able to enjoy the benefits that GPS guidance brings to more conventional excavators. That’s because it’s difficult to make a GPS system work accurately on swing boom excavators. The continuously changing geometry of the machine has been the problem. Until now.

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C.R.Kennedy fine tunes control of bucket wheel trenching

Bucket wheel trenchers are notoriously difficult to guide using GNSS. However, with GNSS and some lateral thinking C.R.Kennedy now has a Victorian contractor's trencher working super-efficiently.

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Understanding utility location in critical environments

Documenting and understanding and the location of utility infrastructure is of critical importance – particularly when it comes to managing these assets at the world’s busiest airport.

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Enhancing value and confidence through accurate asset location data

Knowing the precise spatial position of assets, especially those buried underground, allows utility operators to rapidly locate their assets when required, enhances planning and helps prevent costly, dangerous and all-toocommon incidents of accidental asset strikes.

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Centimetre accuracy with augmented reality

Mobile GIS solutions have been available for some time, and there are many competing products to select from. However, with the advent of augmented reality, there are now better ways of finding, visualising, comprehending and capturing asset data within GIS applications.

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