C.R. Kennedy was founded in 1934 by Clement Robertson Kennedy, importing photographic and optical products.  In 2001 the company underwent a huge expansion when we were appointed sole and exclusive distributors in Australia for the Swiss based giant Leica Geosystems and has established itself as one of the largest and most successful suppliers of survey equipment in the world and the largest importer and distributor of surveying equipment in Australia.

Industries across the spectrum, from utilities to transportation, are evolving to keep up with the pace of change driven  by digital  innovation.  While some are being forced to change, others see the opportunity of embracing new technology to deliver efficiencies, cost savings or a better service. Despite the physical nature of the construction industry those same benefits can be found in digital innovation for building professionals.

Improved digital construction practices and tools can help  bring  projects  in  on  time  and  on  budget  by making everyone involved more productive and eliminating  mistakes.  The sharing  of information  in the form of digital data between all parties, through all stages of the construction process from concept to completion,  can help bring  the  industry  into the future  and reduce legacy challenges such as delays and cost overruns by aligning to Building Information Modelling (BIM) principles.

C.R. Kennedy Building Construction provides dedicated solutions for the needs of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry across Australia. Our nationwide organisation makes it possible for us to offer personal service and support wherever we are needed. To learn more visit http://survey.crkennedy.com.au/building-construction  

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