Infinity: Working with images and surfaces in Infinity

Leica Infinity – Simply the right solution Infinity from Leica Geosystems is the all-encompassing solution for TPS, GNSS, Level, Scan & image data. So many different kinds of data come together on a field project – proving no problem at all for Leica Infinity. Numerous data formats can be edited, archived and exported to CAD applications – easily, without data loss and without the hassles involved in conversion. This not only for data from different instrument types, but also from multiple sites and survey teams.

Our Infinity Imaging & Surfaces Webinar will examine the use of Images to create survey points where data has been missed in the field or if the specifications of the job have altered to required additional data from a site. The webinar will then look at creating surfaces from either surveyed or scanned data, adding contours and exporting a DTM.


  • Infinity – quick overview
  • Importing and viewing point and scan data
  • Creating and editing surfaces
  • Exporting points, scans & surfaces
  • Viewing images and creating new points from image data

The webinar was held on 30th July 2015

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