Parallel and Grey Imports

C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd are the sole authorised Australian distributors for numerous brands including: Leica Geosystems Geodesy, Laser Scanning and Machine Control products; Riegl 3D Laser Scanning Systems; MDL Dynascan Mobile Scanners; Optech Cavity Monitoring Systems; Myzox; Tuf Lasers; Pentax; and more.

CR Kennedy has fully authorized workshops and factory trained technicians to support products CR Kennedy imports from our suppliers.

Parallel and Grey Imports are described as product imported directly into a country by a company or persons other than the manufacturer's authorised distributor in that country.

For an example of the risks associated with Parallel or Grey Imported products please see the following article -

Please Note

1) CR Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd does not provide any warranty or guarantee for parallel /grey imports. We will not honour any warranty or guarantee supplied by parallel importers. This includes items purchased on eBay or from other international websites. 

2) Products sourced from some other countries, including batteries and chargers, may not meet Australian electrical standards. Many plugs will require an adaptor. Adaptors supplied by parallel /grey importers are often not electrically approved. All electrical devices sold in Australia must meet Australian specifications and be registered.

3) In many instances products supplied for Australia have special modifications for the Australian market. If you purchase parallel grey imported product you risk purchasing product that may not easily work under Australian conditions.

4) CR Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd. operate in a global market place. The lines we represent in Australia are globally competitive in price. The savings by purchasing from parallel/grey importers are usually non-existent or very small. The risks are great.

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