Marketing Approach

Our policy is to strive to be the best in the market when it comes to the quality of our equipment and the level of service, repairs and support that we offer our customers.

Both the Australian and New Zealand companies are fully-owned by the Kennedy family and the final responsibility for all decisions rests with the Managing Director, Malcolm Kennedy.

There is no complicated and bureaucratic management structure to obstruct progress, nor are there diverse shareholder interests to balance.

This means great flexibility in the face of a rapidly changing market. It means we are quickly able to fine-tune prices and adapt up-to-the-minute advertising and marketing strategies.

All operations of the company are fully computerised utilising. All Australian State and New Zealand offices are linked with direct computer lines.

We believe it is essential to keep our suppliers fully informed of all developments in the market. All major suppliers receive a full sales and inventory report every month together with an in-depth market analysis.

C.R. Kennedy has the expertise, the marketing force, the experience and the advertising power to build brands dramatically in the Australasian market. Any lines handled by C.R. Kennedy receive sales, representation and service second to none in Australia and New Zealand.


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